Cable Candy Cord Management & Cable Organizer - Bunny Beans

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Cable Candy Cord Management & Cable Organizer - Bunny Beans

ABLE CANDY will organize your cable management while being easy-to-use convenient and colorful!

Wherever a cord organizer is needed to tidy up hide or hold: at home in the office in your car or on-the-go / travelling this little cable clips and cable holder will clean up and help you right away.

CABLE CANDYs are reusable! It might be obvious for some of them (e.g. DONUT & SNAKE) but this counts also for BEANS and TURTLES. Thanks to their special stick tape they can be easily removed and the surface remains clean. They can be placed and removed again and again. And here is the trick: After frequent usage you can clean the sticker under running water let it dry and it will restore stickiness as good as new.

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